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PaintChip specialises in repairing cosmetic damage to vehicles instead of replacing parts. Our ethos is to deliver a quality repair to a body shop standard at a competitive price and normally within a day.

We carry out bodyshop standard repairs to scratches, scuffs, dents, alloy wheel refurbishment, stone chips as well as high wax auto paint restoration polish. We repair where ever possible rather than replace expensive body parts. Our considerable expertise often enables us to offer repairs costing less than insurance excesses.

PaintChip – Brent Cross Shopping Centre


A scratch or scuff repair will take an average of 90 minutes to complete costing a fraction of what you would expect to pay at a traditional bodyshop. All our work is backed by 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Visit us for an instant, no obligation quote.

Our specialist dent Repair technicians are at hand to remove and repair your dings and dents. Fortunately, our collection of techniques for removing dents including paintless dent removal enables us to restore your bodywork around your convinence.

Respraying and repairing paint on your vehicle can be a difficult and tiresome process. At PaintChip we can assure you that we have mastered this craft and are able to fulfil all your paint and respray needs in a timely manner. We only accept a paint finish that is 100%

If your paint is not treated or valeted on a regular basis, contaminants, environmental factors and wear eat into the protective clear coat on your cars’ paintwork over time. Our deep polish and restoration techniques enable us to put the shine back into your paintwork.

Our alloy repair techniques for scuffed and curbed alloy wheel rims and spokes are not only fast, but also carried out in a state-of-the-art booth, offering a cost-effective solution with outstanding results that last. We are able to return alloys to a pristine condition